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  • File sync and share vs. laptop backups

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses the difference between file sync and share and laptop backups in this Expert Answer.

  • solar-powered laptop

    A solar-powered laptop is a notebook computer that uses built-in photo voltaic solar panels to run and recharge its battery. Samsung announced the first commercial solar-powered laptop, the NC215S, in 2010....

  • Security, management remain challenges in laptop, mobile backups

    Finding products that can manage laptop and mobile backups remains a challenge, even as those devices proliferate in the...

  • Five laptop finder products offer security after a device loss

    Lost laptops pose obvious risks to enterprise data and systems, but a variety of laptop finder products can help put admins' minds at ease.

  • Smartphone, tablet and laptop buying guide for businesses

    Endpoint device purchasing is a complex endeavor in the mobile era. PC refresh cycles are still a part of the process, but corporate buyers now must consider smartphones and tablets as well.

    There's no shortage of manufacturers pumping...

  • When to buy a 2-in-1 laptop vs. a PC

    The recent spate of 2-in-1 laptops, such as the Surface Pro 3, has sparked interest among IT pros who wonder whether the devices can replace PCs.

  • Choosing the correct laptop SSD

    Leah Schoeb, partner with Evaluator Group, discusses the important considerations for selecting the right laptop SSD.

  • Windows 8 laptop reviews for business PC buyers

    These in-depth Windows 8 laptop reviews examine features, performance and price to inform the purchasing decisions of business PC buyers.

  • Laptop SSD applications and monitoring

    Learn what applications benefit from laptop SSDs and what tools are available to monitor wear on these drives in this Expert Answer from Marc Staimer.

  • Build your mobile security policy around the enterprise laptop

    Enterprise laptops are easily lost, stolen or compromised, so a mobile security policy should address how they access data and enterprise networks.

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