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Data Backup

Get the latest news about backup software vendors, find information about backup software tools and learn how to shorten backup windows and make your data backup process more efficient. More about Data Backup

Data Protection

Storage professionals now have the responsibility of keeping corporate data safe through disaster recovery planning, remote data protection and other measuring of securing data storage. News and resources on data protection can be found here. More about Data Protection

Data Storage Management

Data storage management consists of tiered storage initiatives, data storage compliance, data archiving, remote and offiste data storage, storage virtualisation and having the right data management tools. More about Data Storage Management


Find information on network attached storage (NAS) -- NAS clusters, NAS appliances, NAS filers, NAS management and NAS virtualisation. More about NAS

Storage Hardware

Primary storage refers to storage that is in active use, in contrast to storage used for backup purposes. Find resources about primary storage and storage hardware, including RAID arrays and storage arrays, on this topic page. More about Storage Hardware


SAN (storage area network) technologies cover Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAN planning, switches, SAN routing and partitioning, SAN protocols, HBAs and RAID configuration. Find the latest news and resources within this topics page More about SAN

Storage Strategy

Storage strategies for the data center, outsourcing storage, small business storage, jobs and salaries, and storage vendors are all topics that you'll find covered in this section. More about Storage Strategy