Advanced SAN School Final Exam


Advanced SAN School Final Exam

1. How many people have access to a given block of storage at the same time?
  1. All storage managers
  2. One storage manager
  3. As many as you give access to
  4. Your DBAs
2. True or False: Fibre channel and Ethernet both use SCSI?
  1. True
  2. False
3. What causes performance problems in modular arrays?
  1. Too few controllers
  2. Disks are too large
  3. To many striped disks
  4. Slow I/O
4. Which was the first way SANs switches were connected?
  1. Inter-switch linking
  2. Merging fabrics
  3. Cascading
  4. Meshing
5. What is a core-edge SAN design?
  1. Switches in the middle of the network connecting to other switches
  2. Switches in the outer edges of the network with no connection
  3. A series of single switches; unconnected
  4. One main switch connected to servers
6. True or false: Traffic on one V-SAN CAN effect traffic on the other?
  1. True
  2. False
  3. Don't know
7. According to Stephen Foskett, what is your best bet when designing a SAN infrastructure?
  1. Dual-redundant, connected fabrics
  2. Dual-redundant, non-connected fabrics
  3. Direct-attached storage
  4. Core-edge design
8. What's the difference between data classification software and file level reporting product?
  1. Data classification products catalog files
  2. Data classification products move data
  3. Data classification products predict file growth
  4. Data classification products look inside the files
9. According to Stephen Foskett, what's the EASIEST way to compromise a storage network?
  1. Steal the backup tapes
  2. Physically enter facility
  3. Hack into the array manage
  4. Get a job with the company you want to take data from
10. What is the biggest problem with a co-located SAN?
  1. Too many devices
  2. No window into management
  3. Too slow
  4. Hard to scale over time

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    This was first published in April 2007