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    • April 08, 2015 Hybrid Cloud with AWS – Two Real World Use Cases sponsored by NetApp

      Hybrid clouds can increase flexibility and provide access to nearly unlimited compute power. However, concerns about data security continue to inhibit broader adoption. Private storage solutions that provide a direct connection to one or more hyperscale clouds can address security concerns and enable hybrid cloud configurations for important use cases.

    • April 08, 2015 New Hybrid Cloud Solutions Improve Backups, Restores and Archives sponsored by NetApp

      Backups are boring—as long as they complete on time. However, you can still find some satisfaction by optimizing your backups to save money, either by automating management tasks or by finding a lower-cost platform to store the backup data.

    • April 14, 2015 Hybrid Clouds Are the New IT Ecosystem: Here’s Why Storage Systems Must Adapt sponsored by NetApp

      Enterprise storage systems have evolved through four distinct stages. First, there were monolithic storage arrays. These gave way to modular SAN/NAS systems and distributed storage networks. Next, advanced software techniques led to storage virtualization, with storage volumes abstracted from the underlying physical devices. Finally, in the current era, cloud storage services have emerged that combine virtualization with unprecedented economies of scale.