vSphere 5 storage, data protection and replication features

vSphere 5 storage and data protection features

With the release of vSphere 5 earlier this year, the VMware virtual server environment gained a number of storage management capabilities. These enhancements include management and automation to match virtual machines to available disk space and classes of storage; management of storage devices from the hypervisor; LUN management; iSCSI, NFS and SSD support; and many more.

In this SearchStorage.co.UK guide, you’ll find out about vSphere 5 storage and data protection features, as well as gain in-depth knowledge of replication for Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Profile-Driven Storage.

Table of contents:

vSphere 5 storage features stake a claim in array territory

In this article, independent consultant Chris Evans surveys the key storage-related features added in vSphere 5, including improvements to the file system, Storage DRS, vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), VMware APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) and the vSphere Storage Appliance.

Podcast: VMware vSphere replication and data protection upgrades in Version 5

In this podcast, Chris Evans talks about the changes to VMware vSphere 5 that have helped improve its replication and data protection features, including vSphere Replication and automated failback.

A look at VMware vSphere Replication for Site Recovery Manager 5

VMware’s SRM provides an automated solution for failover of virtual server environments to a recovery site. In this tip from Eric Siebert, you’ll learn about VMware’s vSphere Replication for VMware Site Recovery Manager 5, how it works, its most important features and what's required to use it.

vSphere 5’s Storage DRS and storage profile function deliver control over storage resources

In this tip from Eric Siebert, you’ll learn about two new vSphere 5 storage features that provide some much-needed control over storage resources: Storage DRS and Profile-Driven Storage.