Secure data storage at rest, in flight, in cloud

Secure data storage at rest, in flight, in cloud

Storage security is a key subject that needs to be addressed by all organisations. Loss of data from a security problem can impact critical business operations and damage your company’s reputation. That’s why it’s vital to ensure secure data storage on drives and arrays, in flight over the fabric and the network, in the cloud, and on disk and tape backup media.

In this guide, you’ll find out about the key technologies and products to ensure secure data storage for drives, arrays and the fabric; data security in the cloud; UK laws and regulations and their implications for storage security; encryption for backup and tape; and strategies and tools for SMB storage security.

Table of contents:

Encryption techniques and products for hardware-based data storage security

Securing data at rest on drives and arrays, as well as in flight over the fabric and IP networks is at the heart of storage security. This article walks you through the key data storage encryption techniques and products available to lock down your data.

Cloud storage security: Questions to ask your cloud provider

Cloud storage security is a major concern to anyone thinking of outsourcing their data storage. This podcast sets out the questions you need to ask a cloud storage provider about how it ensures secure data storage for your assets.

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