Optimising storage for virtual environments

Server and desktop virtualisation offer much increased efficiency in the use of server and workstation hardware. But those efficiencies come as a result of carrying out unprecedented amounts of processing in one physical server, and that means storage demands are much more intense. This typically means random bursts of I/O at unpredictable volumes, and that raises the question of how to optimise storage for virtual environments.

In this SearchStorage.co.UK guide, you can read about the key methods of optimising storage arrays for virtual server and desktop environments and listen to a podcast on the key locations where solid-state storage can be added to help virtual machine I/O.

Table of contents:

Methods for optimising virtual machine storage

In this article independent consultant Chris Evans explains the key methods available to optimise storage for virtual environments, including wide striping, storage tiering, flash storage and dedicated products that aim to speed up storage for virtualisation.

Podcast: Where to place SSD in a virtual machine environment

In this podcast, Chris Evans talks about the key locations where solid-state storage can be added to storage and server infrastructures to support virtualisation.

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