Midrange SAN products, features and outlook

Midrange SAN products, features and outlook

The midrange SAN market is an increasingly sophisticated product space. As server virtualization and desktop virtualisation deployments continue apace, storage vendors are under increasing pressure to include the types of features and capabilities that are typical of enterprise storage. But, they must do this without introducing management complexity for organisations that often lack dedicated storage teams.

In this SearchStorage.co.UK guide, you can read about the key developments in midrange SAN vendors’ products over the past 12 months and listen to a podcast summary of the midrange SAN market and its likely direction.

Table of contents:

Survey: Midrange SAN vendors boost solid-state and drive options

In this product survey, Contributor Lindsay Clark looks at the updates vendors have made to their midrange SAN products over the past 12 months and finds an increasing number of hard drive speed and capacity options. Being able to add solid-state drives is another key development as midrange SANs are required to support server and desktop virtualisation requirements.

Podcast: Midrange storage SAN market analysis

In this podcast, SearchStorage.co.UK Bureau Chief Antony Adshead talks about the pressures that have helped create the midrange SAN market, what defines a midrange SAN product, and where the market is heading now.

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