Guide to small-business data storage and backup

Guide to small-business data storage and backup

Small businesses are increasingly embarking on server virtualisation projects. But with server virtualisation comes the need to revamp storage to provide a shared pool for the rapidly changing and expanding portfolio of virtual machines as well as the need to back up both virtual and physical servers. In this guide to SMB storage, you can read about the key choices you need to make when selecting small-business data storage, with an eye on how virtual servers change the equation. And learn about the key small-business backup products available.

Table of contents:

Small-business data storage options for a virtual server environment

In this article, Manek Dubash walks you through the key choices to be made when selecting storage for a small-business virtual server environment and looks at some vendors’ products aimed at this small-business data storage market segment.

Small-business backup products ratcheting up on capabilities

In this podcast, bureau chief Antony Adshead talks about the key features in SMB backup products, backup appliances and the key vendors for both.

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