Guide to cloud archiving services

Of all the cloud storage services available, perhaps the most mature and well-suited to the cloud model is archiving. The cloud, being dependent on the Internet as a transport mechanism, is subject to latency, and that can be just too much for many primary storage and backup use cases. But archiving isn't usually hamstrung by such network delays and so is an ideal candidate for the cloud service model.

In this guide, we look at the key benefits of cloud archiving, the questions to ask a prospective cloud archive provider, how to assess whether the cloud is the right choice for your environment, and how to choose a cloud archive provider.

Table of contents:

Cloud archive: Ideal for long-term data retention

In this article, Chris Evans, an independent consultant with London-based Langton Blue, talks through the key benefits of cloud-based archiving and lists some of the main UK cloud archive providers.

Cloud archiving vs in-house archiving

Chris Evans' podcast assesses the readiness of the cloud as an archive repository compared with in-house archiving and lists some of the key questions to ask a prospective cloud archive provider.

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