Establishing a disaster recovery audit program

Establishing a disaster recovery audit program

The crux of the disaster recovery planning process is the development of concrete strategies and plans to recover IT hardware in case of disaster. Such plans are formulated on the basis of risk and business impact assessments that tell you exactly what is in jeopardy in case of unforeseen events. These are then made part of the DNA of the organisation by testing, training and staff awareness. Finally, these plans have to evolve as your organisation and its IT systems change over time, through auditing, maintenance and continuous improvement of your disaster recovery programme.

In this guide, you’ll learn about establishing a disaster recovering audit program, maintenance and continuous improvement. And you can dig deeper for information on the need for a media response plan for disaster recovery, how to get management buy-in for your DR plans and the top five books on business continuity and disaster recovery.

Table of contents:

Disaster recovery audit, maintenance and continuous improvement

Drawing up strategies for a disaster recovery audit program, as well as for maintenance and continuous improvement, are the key final stages in the development of a disaster recovery programme. This article walks you through the essential elements that can make your disaster recovery provision flex with the changes in your organisation.

Podcast: Disaster recovery procedures for auditing and maintenance

In this podcast you’ll learn how to avoid the key pitfalls and secrets to success in the development of disaster recovery procedures for auditing, maintenance and continuous improvement of disaster recovery plans.

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