Disaster recovery testing, awareness key to DR protection

Disaster recovery testing, awareness key to DR protection

The sharp end of the disaster recovery planning process is the development of concrete strategies and plans to recover IT hardware in case of disaster. But such are devalued or potentially made worthless without testing, training and staff awareness.

In this SearchStorage.co.UK guide, you’ll find out about the key elements in disaster recovery testing, training and awareness strategies, including getting the board and HR department on board, leveraging the intranet, building a training and awareness plan, plus development of disaster recovery testing and training strategies.

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Disaster recovery awareness and testing require training, strategic plans

Now that you have drawn up a detailed disaster recovery plan, the next steps are to carry out disaster recovery testing to ensure the plan works properly and that DR team members know their roles and to prepare and deliver disaster recovery awareness and training programmes so all employees are prepared to respond as required by the plan. This article walks you through the key stages in developing such strategies and concrete action plans.

Podcast: Disaster recovery training, awareness and testing

If you have worked hard to develop detailed disaster recovery plans, you need to be as confident as possible that your people can make them work. This is where training, awareness and testing come in, and it’s where the people in your organisation will learn about their roles in recovering from unplanned IT outages and rehearse for such an event.

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