Using SAS and SATA for tiered storage


Using SAS and SATA for tiered storage

What you will learn: This podcast offers detailed information about SAS and SATA so you can strike the right balance between SAS and SATA in a tiered storage environment.

SAS and SATA are serial protocols -- bits are sent one after another on a single wire at a high speed. The speed at which data is transmitted in serial transmission is a major benefit of SAS and SATA over parallel transmission technologies. Also, serial transmission can support longer distances and more devices using a smaller simpler cabling scheme.

In addition to the SAS and SATA protocols, there are also SAS and SATA disk drives. SAS drives are used for higher performance applications in which Fibre Channel or parallel attached SCSI. SATA is generally used for lower cost, secondary and tertiary storage.

As such, SAS and SATA are ideal for tiered storage environments.

This podcast offers information about SAS and SATA protocols and disk drives, things to watch out for when implementing SAS and SATA disk drives, and specific considerations for using SAS and SATA together in a tiered storage environment.

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Using SAS and SATA for tiered storage
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About the author: Greg Schulz is founder and senior analyst with the IT infrastructure analyst and consulting firm StorageIO Group. Greg is also the author and illustrator of Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and has contributed material to Storage magazine and other TechTarget venues.

This was first published in February 2010