Storage Trends: Encryption, thin provisioning and data classification

Storage Trends

Storage Trends: Encryption, thin provisioning and data classification

Read about the latest storage industry trends in backup and data recovery, storage management and more in order to stay ahead of the game. This month's features include:

Mainframe shops scramble to encrypt tapes
Mainframe shops, never known for their rapid embrace of change, are deploying tape encryption technology with uncharacteristic speed--sometimes without waiting for their primary storage vendors to support the solutions.

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Thin provisioning: Blessing or curse?
Storage managers in the market for a new SAN array may be tempted by a new feature of some arrays--thin provisioning--but not all users who have tried it are sold on the concept.

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Data classification is end users' job
Forget about automated information lifecycle management (ILM). Before one Fortune 500 biosciences firm ventures into ILM or tiered storage, end users will first have to classify all of the files they've generated over the years, says Michael Masterson, information systems architect at the firm. Without a proper data classification, he says, "ILM is putting the cart before the horse.

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This was first published in June 2006