Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Disaster Recovery Track (NYC 2007)

Storage Decisions

Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Disaster Recovery Track (NYC 2007)

Traditional data protection has finally started to shift towards a recovery-centric paradigm. Storage is now at the cusp of an entirely new discipline: Recovery Management. This track explores how users can coordinate a range of data protection technologies to create more recoverable infrastructures. Restructuring your recovery methods can also help you recover the right data at the right time and in the right manner.

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Replication, Rolling Disasters and Testing
Speaker: Bill Peldzus, Director, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Data Center, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: In this session, you will learn about best practices in the area of disaster recovery, including definitions of key terms and exploration of storage, infrastructure, and data center architectures and concepts.
For more information: View a video Tech Talk with Bill on replication

Testing Your DR Plan
Speaker: Jon Toigo, CEO, Toigo Partners International
Description: Your DR plan is only as good as its ability to provide business resumption. Getting data back -- and in a useable form -- is the main goal of a DR plan. Starting with testing techniques, this hour gives you tips on the best ways to get data back should disaster strike.
For more information: Watch expert Jon Toigo discuss a solid disaster recovery plan

The Three Fold ITIL Process Path to DR and Continuity of Storage Operations (COOP) Nirvana
Speaker: Dr. D. Akira Robinson, Consulting Computer Scientist, SPAWAR -- NMCI -- Dept of Navy
Description: A disaster recovery plan can only work if the right processes and procedures are in place to deal with an adverse event. As such, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides a compilation of best practices regarding IT management and administration. And, as Dr. D. Akira Robinson explains, ITIL can extend to disaster recovery planning.
For more information: video: Building a DR plan

Getting to Green: Managing Data for Efficient Provisioning and Effective Protection
Speaker: Jon Toigo, CEO, Toigo Partners International
Description: With the current focus on regulatory compliance, storage cost containment, and "greener" operations, data storage is on the minds of senior management in virtually every enterprise today. The nexus of these issues is data management. How well data is managed goes a long way toward building effective strategies for data provisioning and protection. In this talk, Jon Toigo will offer a common sense approach to putting your data junk drawer in order. It's good for your wallet, good for your continuity and good for the environment.
For more information: When disaster recovery and data classification collide

Breaking Storage Barriers -- Wide-area Data Services
Speaker: Arun Taneja, Founder, Taneja Group
Description: In this presentation, Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group, digs into what should remain in the core office and what services can be moved to the edge. Arun will look at consolidation, management controls and optimization of remote office data.
For more information: Wide-area research guide

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