Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Protection Downloads (NYC 2006)

Storage Decisions

Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Protection Downloads (NYC 2006)

TRACK 5: DATA PROTECTION, "Back Up, Build Out"
Quite possibly the top issue in storage is how to protect your data. Backing up, restore and making that process seamless is critical. This track covers everything backup. Also covered here are sessions on disaster recovery and business continuity.

Downloads included in this track:

Backup School 101
Speaker:W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: W. Curtis Preston deconstructs the common backup system and points out the mistakes that may be hampering your backup operations. Because of its performance benefits, backing up to disk before tape is making a huge impact on the way backups are done. With the advent of low-cost ATA-based RAID, organizations can improve backup and recovery performance -- and do it more cost effectively. Curtis explains what options you have in creating a disk-based system and the steps you need to take before implementing it.
For more information: View Advanced Backup School webcast series

Backup School 201
Speaker: W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: In hour two, Curtis takes a look at five technologies in-depth: snapshots, continuous data protection, archiving, security and data reduction, which are sure to be working their way into your data center and remote office environments. He will examine the pros and cons of each, where these technologies will make the most sense and why they will comprise the future of backup.
For more information: 10 steps to better backup

To Protect and Encrypt: Safeguarding Stored Data
Speaker: W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: There are cost-effective ways to encrypt storage containing sensitive data. This session shows you how protect your data and keep your company from making the wrong kind of headlines.
For more information: Crash Course: Disk encryption

The ABCs of CDP
Speaker: Presented by Phil Goodwin, President and Founder, and Jeff Wells, Vice President of Research Operations and Co-founder, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Description: As IT organizations consider adding continuous data protection (CDP) systems to their data protection strategies, they naturally want to know how to maximize the value of the investment. This session details how to quantify CDP resource requirements and how to interleave them with existing backup/recovery infrastructure. Phil Goodwin and Jeff Wells from Diogenes Analytical Labs will pull from their extensive experiences and lab tests with Symantec Backup Exec 10d and Microsoft Data Protection Manager.
For more information: Tech close-up: CDP

Disaster Recovery -- It's All About the Data!
Speaker: Bill Peldzus, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
Description: In this session, you will learn about best practices in the area of disaster recovery, including definitions of key terms and exploration of storage, infrastructure, and data center architectures and concepts. Unfortunately, it seems like there is a major DR event almost every year -- this presentation will either help to kick-start a new DR plan, or help validate the plan you already have implemented.
For more information: Download DR planning podcasts

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