Do all the vendors offer unified storage?


Do all the vendors offer unified storage?

No. Some vendors are moving in that direction and others have a limited number of OEM product offerings now. However, several vendors currently offer established products. Certainly Network Appliance Inc. (NetApp) has offered unified [or multiprotocol] storage products for a while.

There are also numerous products based on Microsoft's Windows Unified Data Storage Server (WUDSS) as a file-based offering with iSCSI target-mode software added to it to become a block-based offering, as well. These products are available from several different vendors. Some companies have added a network attached storage NAS interface card to a larger storage system, adding NAS-capable connections to a much larger and more complicated block storage system. Ultimately, there are just a few vendors that really offer a unified storage solution today.

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This was first published in February 2007