Expert Videocast: Digging into iSCSI

Storage Videocast Expert Videocast: Digging into iSCSI

Stephen Foskett
Digging into iSCSI

Stephen Foskett, director of data practice, Contoural

IP storage isn't just for small companies any more. More and more large organizations are adopting iSCSI as a cost-effective SAN option. In this videocast, storage analyst Stephen Foskett explains the benefits and pitfalls of iSCSI, and also dispels some myths about iSCSI performance and cost compared to Fibre Channel.

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About the speaker
Stephen Foskett is Director of Contoural's Data Practice. This group provides strategic consulting to Fortune 500 companies, assisting enterprise customers align their storage and computing infrastructures with their business objectives. For more than 10 years Stephen has provided vendor-independent end-user consulting on storage topics. Previous work includes managing and delivering consulting services at GlassHouse Technologies, StorageNetworks and Sprint Paranet. He has been a storage columnist, has authored numerous articles and is a popular presenter at industry events.

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This was first published in November 2007